Setting up a Limited Company

If you decide to trade through a limited company we can provide a full company formation service to ensure that its done correctly.  You may be aware that it is possible to set up your own company, either directly with Companies House, or through one of the many companies on the internet and the price is normally less than £50. However, you may only get the incorporation certificate and perhaps a call from one of the major banks but you probably will not receive the rest of the documentation that you need to complete the process.  You will need these other documents if you begin to trade and want to safeguard tax planning strategies such as a dividend/salary policy.

Invest £250 in our Company Formation Service and you will receive the following benefits:

  • Advice on directors and shareholderscompany seal
  • Advice on how many shares to create and who should hold them
  • Advice on the suitability of the company name you have chosen
  • Advice on your registered office address
  • Printed and email copy of Incorporation certificate
  • Share certificates
  • Accountant certificate to support your bank account application
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Statutory registers (as required by the Companies Act)
  • Assistance to prepare your first board minutes
  • Advice on VAT registration
  • Advice on PAYE registration
  • 12 months email and telephone support to help you with your questions relating to your new company
  • Advice on how to record your income and expenditures
  • Advice on how to record transactions with directors and shareholders
  • Advice on salary and dividend policy
  • Links to our hand picked supplier database so you can get the right quality and price for services and goods you need
  • Advice on additional agreements you may need if you have more than one director or shareholder

Although it is fairly easy to set up a limited company, the decision should not be taken lightly and you should take professional advice before you proceed. The law treats the limited company as a separate legal entity but directors have corporate responsibility so you need to understand pros and cons of operating through a limited company.

Closing a Limited Company

If you have ceased trading and have settled all of your debts, we can help you to close your limited company in the correct manner and keep your reputation as  a director in good order.  There are certain procedures that need to be followed to ensure that any assets are dealt with correctly, and that any money belonging to shareholders is released in a tax efficient manner.  It is also important to involve multiple HMRC departments in the process so that your request for closure is not delayed or refused.  We can prepare the forms and letters for you to ensure it runs smoothly.