Business Plans

Business Plans - Get it rightYou may need to approach third parties for funding to support your business expansion or to start a new business.  Lenders and grant funding organisations require you to demonstrate that you have a sound business idea and that it is backed up with a robust financial forecast.

Most entrepreneurs, with a bit of determination, can prepare a detailed business plan but usually struggle when it comes to the numbers.  We can provide you with expertise to help you to prepare forecasts for profit, cash and balance sheet and can ensure that your numbers are realistic and work to support the vision described in your business plan.  We will also encourage you to review the benefits and risks of your project so you can make contingency plans. We can help you to put the right framework in place so you can manage your cash requirements and can take early action to minimise the impact of changes to your business.

“When we applied for finance from a peer-to-peer lender, Simply Additions prepared our financial reports showing our forecast profit, balance sheet and cashflow and helped to complete the application form.  We also received help to answer the financial questions raised during the process.  The funding was approved and we were able to successfully expand our business.”

Care Home Manager in County Durham