Limited Company Accounts

sitting on booksLimited Companies trading in the UK are required to prepare limited company accounts and submit corporation tax returns each year.  It is wise to use a tax professional to prepare these as you need to comply with relevant accountancy and tax rules.

The accounts include a balance sheet and this is something that most business owners will need help with. There are also special rules to apply if you are the Director or owner and you take money out of the business.  You need to know if the money is classed as salary, dividend, expenses, loan repayment, or loan advance.

Getting it wrong can be expensive so it is a good investment for you to get the right advice beforehand.  Simply Additions Accounts and Corporation Tax Management service provides you with the expertise to deal with the complexities so you can be free to concentrate on developing your business. We’ll open the brown envelopes, prepare your accounts, work out your tax, talk to the tax man, and save you time and money.